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October 2009:

Our new controller arrived in August 2009 and it was installed and set up in the workshop. Initial testing was good but it was difficult to carry out a thorough test due the fact that it was not operating on a live system, the decision was made to approach a local swimming pool and ask if we could install the controller at the site to run along side their current controller, permission was granted and the controler was installed.

Initial installtion and commisioning was straight forward and after only a few hours the unit was operational.
The only problem we came across was, that due to the plant room location, the GPRS signal was insufficient to allow remote access to the controller via the modem.
This problem was easily rectified by moving the modem to an area of the building with a sufficient GPRS signal and running a new signal cable back to the controller.

With the controller now fully operational we are able to monitor:

free chlorine
total chlorine

The controller also calculates and displays combined chlorine by subtracting the free chlorine from the total chlorine.
The readings on the controller were accurate, with very little difference between the test controller, the controller at site and the manual test being done at site.


The onsite flow meter has a 4-20mA output which was connected to the test controller, the controller now also displays a direct reading from the flow meter on the display. A flow meter is available from the manufacturer, which connects to the controller, for sites without one.

Remote Monitoring:

As the controller is available with a GPRS modem, remote online monitoring is simple. With any internet connection, the correct downloadable programme and the system password, the readings can be down loaded and viewed online. All readings are displayed live, and can be viwed as they would appear on the controller or in graph format, all data can be saved onto the P.C and kept for future reference. Changes to set points, alarm levels other operational settings can be changed online.

The system will send sms messages to nominated people in the event of predetermined alarm situations. This feature is proving to be very good, after deliberately activating low flow, low chlorine alarms, the sytem sent sms messages, within seconds, to the nominated number stored in the internal phonebook, describing the exact nature of the alarm. When the alarm situation was rectified another message was sent informing the nominated person that the system was no longer in an alarm mode.

The benefits of this system are clear to see, and currently we are quoting for two controllers to be installed locally .

More info and pictures to follow.