Technical Papers
Some light reading for you all....

A prepared paper by M. McDermott. - The Refurbishment Of Filtration and Chemicalisation System
A prepared paper by S. Rutherford. - Notes Of Interest Relating To A Recent Refurbishment
Filters, filters, filters! - A preview of our new filter range
Press Releases - Leisuredrome’s clean water filtration system is leading the way
Bench-Marking pool water treatment for coping with CRYPTOSPORIDIUM

STA courses booklet
A prepared paper by M. McDermott. - How a Swimming Pool and Filtration Plantroom should be maintaine
Testing For Suspected Crypto
Product Information
We shall post informative product information, as it becomes available to us

Gaffey - P.A.C dosing system
Gaffey - Gasdetect 307 - A performance gas monitoring system from Alldos
Gaffey - HyPro-70 - High yield Calcium Hypochlorite

Wapotec ® System - How does it work
Wapotec ® System - Treatment solutions for Cryptosporidium control
Wapotec ® - DesoPur ® System
Wapotec ® - DesoPur ®
Wapotec ® - DesoPur-F
Wapotec ® - HydroQuant ® 601 - User manual
Wapotec ® - Zilvold HF Electrolysis Systems

Gaffey - Pellet Pro Motive
Magnetic Flow Monitoring

Past Events